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    Select any habitats to move

    Select Attack Skill

    Enable Auto Collect Resources (BETA version, Default is 1 minute)
    • Auto Collect Gold in all Habitats (it collects coin or any event items too)
    • Auto Collect Food in all Farms (Its not available now)

    Note: If you get any message Empty Pool. You have to wait a hour to recovery your pool then continue.

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    • Unlimited

      $ 1

      for 1 day(s)

      1 day - Unlimited (Transfer Gold, Dragons Training, Craft Crystal)

      Auto Sumit Gold and Xp

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • Unlimited

      $ 2

      for 2 day(s)

      2 days - Unlimited (Transfer Gold, Dragons Training, Craft Crystal)

      Auto Sumit Gold and Xp

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • Unlimited

      $ 3

      for 4 day(s)

      4 days - Unlimited (Transfer Gold, Dragons Training, Craft Crystal)

      Auto Sumit Gold and Xp

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • Unlimited

      $ 5

      for 7 day(s)

      7 days - Unlimited (Transfer Gold, Dragons Training, Craft Crystal)

      Auto Sumit Gold and Xp

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • Unlimited

      $ 8

      for 14 day(s)

      14 days - Unlimited (Transfer Gold, Dragons Training, Craft Crystal)

      Auto Sumit Gold and Xp

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • Unlimited

      $ 10

      for 14 day(s)

      14 days - Unlimited (Transfer Gold, Dragons Training, Craft Crystal)

      5M Food (required account played more 6 months)

      Auto Sumit Gold and Xp

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • 60M Gold

      $ 2

      No Expiration Date

      60M Gold

      No Expiration Date

      Transfer whenever you want

      Auto Sumit

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • 120M Gold

      $ 4

      No Expiration Date

      120M Gold

      No Expiration Date

      Transfer whenever you want

      Auto Sumit

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • 240M Gold

      $ 8

      No Expiration Date

      240M Gold

      No Expiration Date

      Transfer whenever you want

      Auto Sumit

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes
    • 220M Gold

      $ 10

      No Expiration Date

      220M Gold

      3 M Food (required account played more than 6 months)

      Auto Submit

      1M-2M Gold / 2 minutes


    You want to purchase premium Account. Click here

    Updated: new Heroic Races


    Fixed Critical Bug: Account was blocked 30 minutes after do some actions on Ditlep site


    Fixed: Can not get My Dragon Back

    Premium Account: Improve 95% chance get MAX GOLD when Transfer Gold (it can be combined with BOT Auto Collect Gold)


    I sent to all Premium Accounts (Non Expired) 2M Food (In My Store tab). This is my gift to who donated me. (Only for Premium Account played Dragon City more than 3 months)

    Update awesome UI at Ancient World. Display How many cost Platinum, and Your Plantinum


    Fix: Keep showing Upgrade to Premium server on Regular Server

    Fix Premium Server: Some account can't get Information

    Add Food package


    Add Food package


    Add Thai language

    Update some text were't translated properly.


    Premium Account Only: Add Unlimited Transfer Gold and Xp. NOW you have 2 options (Transfer Gold only or Gold and XP)

    Gold only: Maximum 700k Gold/submit

    Gold and XP: Maxium 250k Gold/submit and Maxium 65k XP/submit

    Add Logs while Auto Transfer


    Fixed: Invite Friends for Social Building [Item On Map -> More -> Unlock]


    Introduce Ancient World. From NOW you can Craft Cyrstal by tool easier than ever

    For Premium Account. You can collect Unlimited Raw Ruby, Diamond, Saphia, Topza, Emarld, Onyx in Accient World with no COST any gold and no need to wait time cooldown


    New Feature: Fill Friends for Meta Habitat, Ice Habitat, or any Building need to invite friends ([Items On Map] -> [More Button] -> [Unlock (Remove waiting Invite Friends)] )

    Fixed: Preview Breeding Result [Iron Man tab]

    OPEN Get Food (Allow for everyone until 2017-07-20)

    I will give to any one VIP account 1-2 week(s), if she/he makes a video guide people [How to use My Dragons Tab]. Then send it to email: [email protected]


    HOLA!!! Transfer Gold is working stable now (1 min ~ 1M Gold) !!! Thanks to all who donated me and waited for me fix VIP server.

    Fixed Premium Server: All VIP accounts extended one more day. Thanks for everyone who donated to me. It will help me a lot to imporve this tool.

    Date: 2017/07/06

    Add Permium Server: http://vip.ditlep.com (never die, nerver overloading). This is benifit for Perimum Account who are donated me.

    Date: 2017/07/05

    Fixed: Error at Heroic Race Lap 14

    Fixed: Some account can't get gems, invite market friends properly.

    Date: 2017/07/04

    Update Heroic Lap 11 - Lap15

    Add Account Premium packge (Unlimited Gold and Unlimited training dragon same time) check price here

    Add Get Gems back (at Wonder Woman tab) (condition: Account must login to Mobile device first)

    Open Invite Market friend (at Wonder Woman tab). If you don't have enough friends. No worries, Dit will fill it for you.

    Date: 2017/07/03

    GOOD NEWS. I moved Ditlep.com to new server completely. Enjoy It :)

    Add Collect Item individual mission.

    Fixed Can't get SessionId fromFindSessionId.com

    Date: 2017/06/30

    Add Heroic Race event tab. Dont use it frequency, it will make you say goodbye with Dragon City very soon. Enjoy!!!

    Date: 2017/06/28

    Fixed some accounts show error message while using Gold BOT

    Date: 2017/06/26

    Add one more tab call BOT. Now you can let this tool collect Gold automatically. I will release collect Food in next release.

    Indentify color for Breeding, Training, Stucking in My Dragons Tab

    Date: 2017/06/24

    Introduce new method get Session Id very easy than ever. findSessionId.com

    Now. You can change dragon name with space.

    Date: 2017/06/18

    Show what Dragons status are WORKING or STUCKING (you can't do anything with this dragon)

    Add feature Get Back my dragon when it was stucked while training. (check My Dragon tabs)

    Next release: I will add one cool feature Get Dragon Back if this Dragon were stuck while breeding.

    Date: 2017/06/16

    Fixed: Fix Transfer Gold for Premium FacebookId only. I have a new server for each user buy Gold to Donate me and it transfers very fast. Thanks you.

    Date: 2017/06/15

    NOW. You can move dragon to Habitat very very easy. Try it on My Dragons Tab!!!!

    Fixed: Load Ultra Breading Level 2 in list

    Date: 2017/06/14

    Now you can learn any skills for any dragons in My Dragons Tab.

    Fix some Bug

    Date: 2017/06/13

    My Dragon tabs: Fixed some user can't move dragon. My Dragon tabs: Update Current Dragons number after moved successfully.

    Date: 2017/06/12

    Introduce: My Dragons tab. NOW you can manage your dragon too easy.

    Date: 2017/06/07

    Fixed: PVP. Help me win this guy :D.

    Fixed: Set Combat Team.

    Date: 2017/06/03

    Fixed: Keep showing Session Id was changed.

    Date: 2015/04/18

    Fixed: Auto Make Love...LOL.

    Date: 2015/03/02

    Fixed: Account was block 30 minutes.

    Date: 2015/02/11

    New Tool: Auto Find Session Id here Download

    New Features: Update Turkish language

    New Features: Move or Delete Bulk Dragon in Store

    Date: 2015/02/06

    Fixed: No Egg in Store after Loading Information

    Date: 2015/02/02

    Add more Hindi, Arabic languages

    Get 4 ~ 40 gems/submit www.dc-ml.com

    Fix some bugs

    Date: 2014/01/26

    1-3M Food and Gold for Dragon City and Monster Legend here www.dc-ml.com. Dont hack to much may be die session

    Date: 2014/01/22

    Fixed: Blocked 30 minutes after Feed Dragon and Buy All Eggs

    New Features: Buy Missing Eggs (in Buy button Dragon In Shop)

    Date: 2014/01/19

    Fixed: Can't load account info

    Date: 2014/01/14

    New Features: Now you can save position X and Y on your map. This feature will help you want to re-design your map. Then if you dont like new design you can rollback to your old saved map

    Date: 2014/01/09

    Update languages for Gold and Food page: Free 500k Food
    Free 500k Gold

    Fixed: Can not get Gold and Food free. Links: Food Free and Gold Free

    New Feature: Sell all items, Store all item except habitats

    Date: 2014/01/06

    New Feature: Fix Negative Food

    New Feature: Buy All Eggs (Inside Buy Button)

    Date: 2014/01/06

    New Feature: Feed for All Dragons same time

    Date: 2014/01/05

    New Feature: Add more Exp Recevied for a submit (Super Man tab)

    New Feature: Add Reset EXP to 0

    Fix serveral bugs

    Date: 2014/01/04

    New Feature: Add Grow Farm Building (You can grow and collect directly)

    Date: 2014/12/31

    New Feature: Add Breeding Result (it can detect what egg you already breeded in Game)

    Fix: Egg go into Item Store instead of Egg Store

    Date: 2014/12/31

    New Feature: You can rename a dragon or all dragons same time

    New Feature: You can move Egg to any habitat from Hatchery

    Fix serveral bugs

    Date: 2014/12/30

    Fixed: After buy 25 gems the Item should go to Store

    Fixed: Move to Habitat from Egg in Store (Easy to use)

    Date: 2014/12/29

    You can set Attack Team Combat from tool at Super Man tab

    Date: 2014/12/28

    Add Unlock for Item on Island (no need to invite friend to unlock)

    Date: 2014/12/26

    Fix: Some accounts can't buy any items

    Date: 2014/12/22

    Fix: Cant loading Information

    Date: 2014/12/18

    Fix stuck Dragon when learning skill

    Fix serveral bugs

    Date: 2014/12/08

    Update View Another User info by FacebookId click here

    Update View Dragons List click here

    Date: 2014/11/22

    Get Free 300 gems here click here

    Date: 2014/11/18

    Fixed Breeding Calculator

    Date: 2014/11/15

    Get 200 ~ 500k Gold and Food FREE here

    Date: 2014/11/11

    Get Food FREE here (40k - 2M Food/submit) here

    Date: 2014/09/30

    Update new Desktop Tool, now you can Get Gold, Food, Exp free by auto submit. Download tool here

    Selling Food, Gold, Gems for Monster Legend come back

    Date: 2014/09/17

    Fixed: Get Gold Free work properly click here

    Date: 2014/09/15

    Fixed: Get Gold Free

    Fixed: Dragon wasn't removed on map after sell

    Fixed: Can not store Items on Map

    Update new Price all Dragon City Package