Power calculator for Lunar Shadow Dragon

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How power calculator works?

Power calculator calculates base on the basic attribute of each dragon (base HP and base Damage for each level and rank), the Power and Hp will be the same for each dragon category.

What is dragon category?

The category of a dragon determines the amount of hitpoints it will have and the amount of damage it will do. Here are the base values for each category. (Values will be modified in game based on level and stars.)
There are 11 Categories in Dragon City, here is the base values for each category. Category 1 Dragons Category 2 Dragons Category 3 Dragons Category 4 Dragons Category 5 Dragons Category 6 Dragons Category 7 Dragons Category 8 Dragons Category 9 Dragons Category 10 Dragons Category 11 Dragons

Where do we get the hidden number for each level, ranking, stars?

We have a tool and we run tests for every dragon with each level, each rank, and each star to get this exact number for HP and Damage.
Whenever DC change the hidden number, we will run our test again and show those result on this page

What are attributes effect HP and Damage?

As you see on this page, there are 3 attributes can be impacted directly to HP and Damage, they are Level, Rank, and Stars.
You can change those values to see HP and Damage