Food Calculator (Last update 18-Aug-2020)

With newly updated, the Food will be reduced huge and it takes less than 7M Food to feed a Dragon from level 1 to level 40. You can also check the old food calculator if you want to compare the different Old Food Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how much food it costs to power up your dragons.
You can see how much it takes for a new Dragon to reach a certain level, or how much it would take an already powered up Dragon to an even higher level!

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How can I power up dragons to level 70?

Powering up dragons above level 40 costs a lot of food! once your dragon roost building is maximum level (unlocking level 40) you can feed dragons up to level 70, but only when they are empowered with enough stars.
- 1 star Dragons can be fed food up to level 45
- 2 star Dragons can be fed food up to level 50
- 3 star Dragons can be fed food up to level 55
- 4 star Dragons can be fed food up to level 60
- 5 star Dragons can be fed food up to level 70

What does powering up a Dragon do?

Powering up a dragon will increase its level, and make it stronger. The increasing level will allow your dragon to learn all of its moves (usually level 15 all moves are unlocked) and also the higher the level, the more increased a dragon health will be Finally, leveling up will increase the amount of damage your dragons will do when attacking.

Why does powering up Dragons cost so much??

While we don't know exactly what social point thinks for the food costs, it is obvious that the makers of Dragon City don't want us to have too many high leveled dragons! it can take millions of food to fully level a dragon. These values for food haven't changed for a long time - so they are likely to be final for quite a while