The Ultimate Dragon City Tournaments Guide: Master the Game

Published: Wednesday, June 28, 2023


Welcome, Dragon Masters! Are you ready to ascend to the pinnacle of Dragon City Tournaments? With our comprehensive Dragon City Tournaments Guide, you can navigate the complexities of the game, learn strategies to overpower your opponents, and uncover tips to build the most robust dragon team. So, strap in and prepare for an adventure in the world of Dragon City!

Why Dragon City Tournaments Matter

Dragon City Tournaments are more than just another feature in the game. They are an essential aspect of gameplay that allows you to engage in thrilling battles, gain valuable resources, and earn rare dragons. Not only do they add another layer of fun and excitement, but they also provide opportunities for strategic gameplay and skill development.

Getting Started with Dragon City Tournaments

Before diving headfirst into the tournaments, it's crucial to understand the basics. This section will cover everything from tournament structure to the types of dragons you'll encounter.

Dragon City Tournaments Guide: The Basics

Structure of Tournaments

Dragon City Tournaments are structured events where players battle against AI-controlled teams. Each tournament consists of several rounds, with each round being more challenging than the last. Successfully progressing through each round requires a combination of strategy, preparation, and a deep understanding of your dragon team's strengths and weaknesses.

Types of Dragons in Tournaments

In tournaments, you'll encounter various types of dragons, each with unique abilities and characteristics. Knowing the types of dragons you'll face and their strengths and weaknesses is key to crafting a winning strategy.

Preparation: Building a Strong Dragon Team

Choosing Your Dragons

When building your dragon team, variety is the spice of life. You'll need a diverse team of dragons, each with different elements and abilities, to face the myriad challenges that tournaments present.

Leveling Up and Training Your Dragons

In the world of Dragon City Tournaments, preparation is half the battle. Leveling up and training your dragons not only increases their power but also unlocks new abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

Strategies for Winning Dragon City Tournaments

Understanding Dragon Elements and Their Interactions

Dragon elements aren't just for show—they play a critical role in Dragon City Tournaments. Understanding how different elements interact can give you a significant edge in battles.

Balancing Attack and Defense

Mastering the art of attack and defense is crucial in Dragon City Tournaments. A well-balanced team can adapt to various situations and overcome the toughest of opponents.

Advanced Tips for Dragon City Tournaments

Optimizing Your Dragon City Tournaments Strategy

As you gain experience in Dragon City Tournaments, you'll need to continually optimize your strategy. This section offers advanced tips for taking your tournament gameplay to the next level.

Utilizing Dragon Abilities Effectively

Dragon abilities can significantly impact the outcome of battles in Dragon City Tournaments. Here, we delve into the best practices for utilizing these abilities effectively.

FAQs About Dragon City Tournaments

1. What is the best dragon for Dragon City Tournaments?

The "best" dragon can vary depending on the situation and your strategy. However, generally, dragons with a variety of elements and strong abilities are highly valued in tournaments

 2. What are the best strategies for Dragon City Tournaments?

The best strategies for Dragon City Tournaments often involve a careful selection of dragons and an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. For newer players, a mix of hybrid dragons such as Spicy, Fluorescent, Tropical, Alpine, Coral, Venom, etc., are recommended. As you progress in the game, rare hybrids and legendary dragons become more effective in combat, with the Legendary Dragon being particularly effective due to its high health and strong abilities. Make sure to put your dragons in the training center to learn new abilities like the “Legend Spell” for added attack power. Combat in Dragon City, including tournaments, is a way to earn gems without needing to spend real money. You can participate in the Dragon Stadium or the PvP tourney in the global world every few hours to gain gems and experience​​.

3. How often can I participate in Dragon City Tournaments?

You can participate in tournaments at the Dragon Stadium every 12 hours. Additionally, you can join the PvP tourney in the global world every 6 hours. Each victory in these tournaments not only advances you to the next level but also earns you gems and experience​.

4. How do I level up my dragons for Dragon City Tournaments?

Leveling up your dragons involves feeding them and winning battles to gain experience. As your dragons level up, they gain increased power and unlock new abilities, which are crucial for winning in Dragon City Tournaments.

5. What rewards can I earn from Dragon City Tournaments?

Participating in Dragon City Tournaments can earn you a variety of rewards, including gems, gold, and experience. Winning tournaments in the Dragon Stadium and the global PvP tourney will net you 2 gems and some gold or experience respectively​.

6. Are there any dragons that are particularly effective in Dragon City Tournaments?

Yes, there are several dragons that are particularly effective in Dragon City Tournaments. Among legendary dragons, the Durian Dragon is considered the best due to its essential composition of Legend. In terms of rare hybrids, dragons like Gummy, Cool Fire, Soccer, Pirate, Petroleum, Poo, and Leviathan are recommended. The Legendary Dragon is also highly effective, especially after level 38 when you can obtain a Legendary Habitat​.


Dragon City Tournaments offer a thrilling and strategic aspect to the game that can help players gain valuable resources, rare dragons, and the bragging rights of being a top dragon master. With this Dragon City Tournaments Guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge and strategies to conquer the tournaments. So, gather your dragons, plan your strategies, and step into the arena of Dragon City Tournaments!