Alliance Chest - Month: 4

Alliances are a feature that is unlocked in level 16 where players can come together and help each other. Anyone can create or join an alliance. You can help your alliance by collecting points to collect the alliance chest. You can also trade orbs with other members of your alliance in the Tree of Life using trade essences. Alliances can be found in the Alliance Grove and there can be a maximum of 20 players in each alliance.

Alliance Chest is a chest that can be gained by the clan if they collected a number of points. The Alliance Chest has multiple levels and each level has better rewards than the one before it. The chest levels up by collecting more points. The Alliance Chest gives rewards like orbs and trade essences.

Current Alliance Chest

Image Chest Time Reward
Alliance Breeding
Alliance Breeding
Alliance Breeding
Alliance Breeding
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What is Alliance Points ?

Alliance Points contributes to the Alliance Chest that can be gained. You can earn these points by:

Breeding dragons

Hatching eggs

Leveling up dragons

Collecting food

Winning Arena battles

Winning League battles

Alliance Points Calculator

We have formula to calculate alliance point for your level. You will know how many alliance points you can claim depend on your level, with this table you can calculate exactly how many point you need for your alliance