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{{vm.model.template.name}} {{vm.model.template.name}} {{vm.model.template.name}}
{{vm.model.template.name}} at Level {{vm.model.powerRandom.level}}, Rank: {{vm.rankTemplate[vm.model.powerRandom.rank]}} and {{vm.model.powerRandom.grade}} star(s)


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Description: {{vm.model.template.description}}.
{{vm.model.template.name}} is a {{vm.getNameOfRarity(vm.model.template.rarity)}} Dragon with the primary typing of {{vm.elements[vm.model.detail.elements[0]]}} . The {{vm.model.template.name}} can also learn {{vm.elements[element]}}, and {{vm.elements[element]}} moves. Check element dragon city strong and weakness chart here
Compare {{vm.model.template.name}} with another dragon here
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Rank - Damage: {{vm.model.template.maxDamage|number}}

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Dragon Code: {{vm.model.template.typeId}}
Summons: {{vm.model.template.seedsToSummon}}
Release date: {{vm.model.template.releaseDate | date : 'dd-MMM-yyyy'}}
Category: {{vm.model.template.category}}
Breedable: {{vm.model.template.breedable ? 'Yes' : 'No'}}
Available in shop: {{vm.model.template.inStore ? 'Yes' : 'No'}}
Price: {{vm.model.template.priceGem | number}} gems {{vm.model.template.priceGold | number}} Gold
Hatching time: {{vm.getTime(vm.model.template.hatchingTime)}}
{{vm.model.template.breedable ? 'Breeding time' : 'Summon Time'}}: {{vm.getTime(vm.model.template.breedingTime)}}
Hatch XP: {{vm.model.template.xp | number}}
Sell: {{vm.model.template.priceSell | number}} Gold
Breed Image

How to breed Nature Dragon

Nature Dragon is breedable and here is the formula to breed this dragon Unfortunately Nature Dragon is not breedable but we still have breeding result by collecting it from Breeding Event in game Calculator Breeding Result {{vm.model.template.name}}
By using this Calculator Breeding you are able to know rate of breeding result which Dragons are going be born from the parents.
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Basic attack skills

Training Skill image

Trainable attack skills

Boost attack

Critical Damage ({{vm.criticalElements.length}})

The Nature Dragon can be trained with moves from 4 different element types, as a result it can deal strong damage to dragons with primary elements of {{vm.elements[element]}}, and {{vm.elements[element]}}
Weak Element image

WEAKNESSES ({{vm.weakElements.length}})

Food icon Feed cost

Leveling up dragons in Dragon City can cost a lot of food, especially if you want to make the strongest dragons possible!

Use this calculator to determine how much food it costs to power up your dragons. You can see how much it takes for a new Dragon to reach a certain level, or how much it would take an already powered up Dragon to an even higher level!

Here is the calculator how cost to feed a Dragon to certain level Food Calculator

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Starting Income: {{vm.model.template.startingCoins}} Gold
Level up increase: {{vm.model.template.coinsAdded}} Gold
Level {{number}} : {{vm.calculateGold(number)}} gold per minutes
increases are halved for levels after lvl 10